Standardized baseline “Grid Emission Factor for Mongolia’s National Electricity Grid” has been approved by the CDM Executive Board

We are pleased to announce that the standardized baseline PSB0041: "Grid Emission Factor for Mongolia's National Electricity Grid" has been approved by the CDM Executive Board, 17 July 2018. The reference number of the approved standardized baseline is ASB0039-2018 and is available on the following CDM website: http://cdm.unfccc.int/methodologies/standard_base/2015/sb4.html

Upcoming 2nd Call for Proposals: Financing Programme for JCM Model Projects in FY2018

The Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) as a secretariat for the Financing Programme for Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Model Projects in FY2018, is pleased to announce that the second call for proposals for the financing programme will be published on Monday, 27 August 2018. Programme Overview (1) Purpose Japan establishes and implements the Joint Crediting [...]