The JCM Matchmaking Platform aims to help Japanese and JCM partner countries companies find and contact each other to exchange project ideas and technology interests.

Submission of information to the JCM Matchmaking Platform does not guarantee finding a project partner or project application.

How the Platform Works

The Platform consists of the JCM Matchmaking Online Company Information Form and the JCM Matchmaking Company Search Engine.



JCM Matchmaking Online Company Information Form

Online Form

  • Submit your information through this form:

The Online Company Information Form is open for Japanese and partner country entities (private companies, state-owned companies, local governments, technology provider, consultants, etc.)

  • The purpose of this form is only for information sharing. It is not an official form of statement or project application.
  • By completing this form, entities give consent to publish their contact information, project interest, and technology they are offering or seeking. This information will be accessible as a search result of the JCM Matchmaking Company Search Engine.

Voluntary submission of the completed form by companies means giving IGES the consent to publish the information on the IGES website through the JCM Matchmaking Platform. IGES will use the information solely for the purpose of the JCM Matchmaking Platform.

JCM Matchmaking Company Search Engine

Search Engine (Beta version)

The JCM Matchmaking Company Search Engine is designed to assist companies in getting in touch with each other and sharing information on the technology, services, and project activity they seek or offer, as well as contact information.

  • The information of companies resulting from this search engine will be limited to those companies that have provided consent for their information to be published through this Platform.
  • The companies should have some familiarity with the JCM scheme obtained through various means.

Please make direct contact with the company of your interest to obtain further details. Please fill out the JCM Matchmaking Online Company Information Form if you wish to be included in the result of Search Engine.


  • For any query related to the companies, please contact the companies directly.
  • For any query related to this Platform, please contact IGES (

Whilst information provided by this search engine is believed to be true and accurate at the date of going to press, IGES cannot accept any legal responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions that may have been made.