By signing the agreement of Bilateral Cooperation between Mongolia and Japan for JCM Project, Joint Committee was formed and currently consisting of 5 members from the Japanese side and 9 members from the Mongolian side.

 JC Members from the Mongolian side

Mr. Z.Batjargal Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Mr. B.Ankhbayar Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry
Mr. J.Sereeter Ministry of Road and Transportation
Mr. B.Erkhembayar Energy Regulatory Commission of Mongolia
Mr. O.Bavuudorj Ministry of Energy
Mr.Kh.Galimbek Governor’s Office of the Capital city
Mrs. E.Sarantogos Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. M.Enkh-Amar Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry
Mr. B.Altaibaatar Ministry of Construction and Urban Development

JC Members from the Japanese side

Mr. Shinichirou HAYASHI Embassy of Japan in Mongolia
Mr. Hiromichi MIYASHITA Embassy of Japan in Mongolia
Mr. Kaoru MAGOSAKI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Toshiaki NAGATA Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mr. Kazuhisa KOAKUTSU Ministry of the Environment